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Медико-биологическое обеспечение подготовки спортсменов
Medical and biological preparation of athletes

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Pavlov S.Ye. Laser light as a means of urgent enhancement of physical and sporting work capacity with swimmers - Book of Abstracts of the VIII International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland - June 28-July 2, 1998. - P. 108.



Pavlov Sergei Yevgenjevich,

Russian State Medical University, Chair of Rehabilitation and Sporting Medicine.


         We report about new method of enhancement of sporting work capacity by laser’s stimulation, adapted specially to real training and competitive condition and used in different periods of athletes preparation.

         Quest for new effective means and methods of enhancing the physical and the sporting work capacity is a pressing one not only in connection with the demands of "big” sports but due to interesting the struggle against the means and the methods whose application in sports has been prohibited the IOC Medical commission.

         In our work we consider the possibilities of enhancing the physical and the sporting work capacity with applying the low-energy lasers in swimmers on the base of modern conceptions namely (1) mechanisms of energy supply of athlete’s organism and its rehabilitation after physical loads and (2) effects on interacting the low-intensity laser light with biological object. The new type of the semiconductor portable laser unit was constructed by us for our work.

         In the experiments we have applied our new method EPWCL (Enhancing of Physical Work Capacity by LASER), as a method of stimulative influence in the experimental groups (Pavlov S.Ye. et.al., 1992; Pavlov S.Ye., Kuznetsova T.N., 1997a,b, 1998; Pavlov S.Ye, 1998a,b,c).

         In the experiment we have studied (1) average group indexes of physical work capacity such as VO2max, PWCmax, twork etc. With swimmers in the veloergometric test of up to full tiredness along with analysing exhaled gases in the course of testing and (2) results of conducting the standart swimming test (4x50 m with 15 second rest) prior and after holding the course of laser stimulative influence.

         In accordance with the results of our experiment we established (1) a considerable increase in the indexes of physical work capacity, (2) enhancement of sporting work capacity and (3) heightening of resultance with swimmers during the application of low-energy lasers on the base of the methodics elaborated by us.

         We used our method in successfull preparation of some russion athletes before Olimpic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta and Nagano, Paralimpic Games in Nagano.

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